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Robert Seymour Wright is a Social Worker and Sociologist whose 28 year career has spanned the fields of education, child welfare, forensic mental health, trauma, sexual violence, and cultural competence.  A “clinician/academic/administrator,” he has always integrated his work delivering direct practice clinical service to clients with teaching and supervising interns and promoting lasting systemic change through social policy advocacy.  He also consults, trains, speaks and comments on a wide range of issues.  His pioneering work with colleagues in cultural competence and conducting cultural assessments has received national attention.

Robert holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in social work and has post-graduate training in social work and sociology.  He has served in notable roles as the Race Relations Coordinator of the former Dartmouth District School Board, Executive Director of Family & Children’s Services of Cumberland County, and the Executive Director of Nova Scotia’s Child and Youth Strategy.

Robert also serves as the Executive Director of The Peoples' Counselling Clinic which provides no and low cost counselling and casemanagement services to low income indiduals and special populations.  A "Teaching Clinic” it is staffed by a casemanager and counselling interns supervised by Robert.  Through the Peoples' Clinic, Robert conducts ManTalk - a treatment/support group for male victims of sexual violence, provides services to the Domestic Violence Court Programme in Halifax, and delivers other programmes for special populations.




I am finally offering online trainings on Impact of Race and Culture Assessments and Parental Capacity Assessments:


IRCA PART 1:  Stay Tuned


IRCA PART 2:  Stay Tuned




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