Robert S. Wright, MSW, RSW

Consultant and Therapist


Throughout the years I have let the men guide the group and develop our material as they require.  This is why the group is now described as "professionally supported" rather than "professionally led".  One of the recent things the men have discussed is why exactly they come to ManTalk.  They have written this purpose statement to offer some clarity:


"We are men who share the experience of having been sexually abused.  We come to ManTalk to seek healing from the sexual trauma that we have suffered and to rebuild the areas of our lives that have been broken.  We come to ManTalk to break the silence that surrounds us and to serve as reminders to each other and to other men that healing is possible and does happen!"


There are many authors who have provided guidance for men who are healing from sexual abuse.  I have not found a model for healing from sexual abuse that captures the path people take towards growth.  I have included a working model below which I intend to further develop over the coming months.   


I have kept a fairly complete picture archive of work myself and the men have done in group.  These photos are shown in the gallery at the bottom of this page.  Each photo is labelled with the group date.  I credit the men of ManTalk for changing the discourse on healing from sexual victimization in Nova Scotia.


ManTalk is offered in an open format; once someone completes an intake he is welcome to attend as often as he likes.  Many members come for awhile, take a break, and return as needed.  We meet twice monthly.  If interested, please contact my case manager at 902-832-1593 or to schedule an intake.  Men who are not yet ready or otherwise not a fit for group are usually offered individual counselling.