Robert S. Wright, MSW, RSW

Consultant and Therapist

Therapy and Consulting (fees)


(Please note fee increase as of January 1, 2022) 


Individual and Family Therapy.    $200.00 per session


A typical "session" lasts between 50 and 75 minutes.  The fees for social work private practice work  are not covered by Nova Scotia's MSI.  Many group or private medical plans and work place Employee Assistance Plans (EAP's) provide reimbursement for the fees.  I am a registered Blue Cross service provider.  So if your benefits are provided through Blue Cross AND your plan covers services offered by a social work clinician, your insurance would pay for services.


Parental Capacity Assessments.    $9500.00 plus expenses


I typically allow one day for travel before spending two or three days on site.  During this time, I meet with agency staff, spend time with the parents, review the child welfare file, meet with the child in his, her, or their home environment, observe a family visit (whether it be supervised or without an access facilitator), meet with collaterals (e.g. other professionals) as necessary, and meet with others requested by the parents.  I allow two days for writing after leaving the site.


Cultural Assessments.    $9500.00 plus expenses


My timeline and the work involved in completing cultural assessments are similar to that detailed above for parental capacity assessments.  These assessments involve a detailed clinical exploration of the impacts of race and culture on individuals and communities and have been given authority in court.  To complete them, I meet with people from the person's family and community who can provide the insight needed to draw these conclusions. 


Speaking and Institutional Consulting Work.    

$3000.00 per hour, $8000.00 per half day, $15000.00 per day


I am a sought after speaker, trainer and consultant.  The half and full day fees listed include preparation time as well as onsite programme delivery time.  For example, a half day workshop actually requires a half day of preparation and a half day of delivery.  A request to review and critique a policy document or to sustain a consulting relationship with a staff team may be charged by hours over multiple days.


When asked to key note or deliver a brief presentation at a conference or workshop, the minimal cost for this is usually 1/2 day within the Halifax Metro area and a full day, outside of Metro.  Travel costs are expected to be covered by the organization contracting the service.  If you are an NGO wishing to engage my services but think you cannot afford these fees, please be in touch.  I occasionally do work at reduced fees for NGO's that do work that serves my communities of concern.


Retained Consultant Work.    Negotiated monthly fee


Increasingly I am being asked to attach myself to projects that will take a long time in development or implementation.  Though I am not available to be a hired employee for such intitiatives, I have suggested that organizations work out an agreement to retain me as a consultant for a length of time.  We establish a contract that specifies the kinds of contacts and anticipated time commitment over the course of the project and establish a monthly fee.  Usually the contract includes a quarterly or monthly check in to decide if the contract is still relevant.  This is often a more effective and efficient way to access my services over an extended period of time. 


Clinical Consulting and Testifying.    $300.00 per hour


I am often asked to consult on matters by other clinicians and agencies and to testify on matters before the courts or boards of inquiry.  This work does not require additional preparation so fees are significantly less than institutional consulting work.