Robert S. Wright, MSW, RSW

Consultant and Therapist

This section of my website includes descriptions of my published and unpublished writings as well as speeches, lectures, workshops and trainings that I have delivered.  This is not an exhaustive list, but I am working to document here more of the work that I have done over the years.  I have also been working to upload texts, power point presentations and videos as they become available.  For the text and/or abstract of any of the materials which are not accessible directly from this site, please contact me by email. 

Writings, Speeches, Workshops, and Training (1993-2005)

Wright, R.S. (2005, Nov. 25). Building Intentional Communities. Presentation made at the 5th Annual Volunteer Conference 2005.  Dartmouth , Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. and Brown, M. (2005, Oct. 27). Parenting Capacity Assessment. Presentation made at the Department of Community Services.  Halifax Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (2005, Oct. 30). Working with At-Risk Youth. Presentation made at the Halifax Regional School Board.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (2005, Oct. 3). Resilience as a Model for Working with Young Offenders. Presentation made at the N.S. Department of Justice.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (2005, Sept. 30).  Identifying and Working With "At-risk" Youth.  Presentation made to the Youth Pathways and Transitions Team.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (2005, Nov. 24). Influencing Public Policy to Enhance Outcomes. Presentation made at the Northern Region CAYAC in Association with Northern Partners.

Wright, R.S. (2005, Aug. 31). Engaging Youth in a Helping Relationship. Presentation made at the N.S. Department of Health.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (2005, June).  Managing Children With Sexual Behaviour Problems in Foster Care/Homes.  Presentation made at Coming Together for Canada's Children:  Strengthening Foster Care Practice and Systems to Enrich the Life Opportunities of Canada's Children & Youth in Care.  Calgary, Alberta.  

Wright, R.S. (2005, June 2). Parenting Across the Lifespan. Presentation made at Early Intervention.  New Brunswick.

Wright, R.S. (2005, April 1). Parenting Black Children: Promoting Positive Racial Identity. Presentation made at Annual North West Regional Parenting Conference, Washington State University.

Wright, R.S. & Holtz, N. (2005, Feb. 25). Wrestling with Angles. Paper produced as a bracketing exercise in preparation for research conducted in the field of male victimization in domestic violence.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (2004, May 5).  Self-in-Context Mapping.  Paper presented at the 2nd Annual New Brunswick Child & Youth Care Conference.  Moncton, New Brunswick.

Wright, R. S. (2003, November 28 & 29).  Parenting Capacity Assessment in the Context of Child Welfare.  Maritime School of Social Work Continuing Education Program, Dalhousie University.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R. S. (2003, November 24).  Managing Extremely Difficult Youth in Care:  Building on Resiliency/ Focusing on Harm Reduction.  Presented at Child Welfare Planning Day.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R. S. (2003, March 7).  Purposeful Home Visitation.  An informal one day workshop presented to staff of Family & Children's Services of Cumberland County.  Amherst, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (2003, Jan. 25).  Reflections of African Canadian/American Identity Development from Birth to Later Adolescence:  Towards a Framework for Guiding Interventions.  Unpublished paper available from the author.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R. S. (2002, July 17).  Diversity in the Workplace.  A workshop presented to employees of Cumberland Joint Services Management Authority. 

Wright, R.S. (2002, May 14).  Parental Capacity Assessment in Child Welfare Settings. Paper presented at the Fifth Annual Foster Care, Adoption and Children in Care Conference.  Liscombe Mills, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (2001, September 26).  Ethical Challenges - Practicing Social Work in the Community Where you Live and/or Have Personal Ties.  Paper presented at a workshop offered by the Maritime School of Social Work for agency personnel who supervise student practica.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R. S. (2001, May 24).  Hey Who's in Control!  A parenting workshop presented to parents of adolescents at Maggie's Place.  Amherst, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R. S. (2000, August 9).  Working with Sexually Reactive Children.  Workshop presented to staff and foster parents of Family & Children's Services of Cumberland County.  Amherst, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R. S. (2000, July 20).  The Trauma Workshop:  What is it?  How does it affect us?  What do we do About it?  Workshop presented to the staff of Family & Children's Services of Cumberland County.  Amherst, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R. S. (1999, November 18).  Developing Cultural Competence:  An Introduction to Human Service Students.  Workshop presented to human service students at the Nova Scotia Community College.  Springhill, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (1999, October 18).  Wholeness Program In-Service. Family Support Workers Foundation Training - Module 3, Topic: Assessing Parental Capacity.

Wright, R. S. (1999, October).  Overcoming the Myth of Sameness Within the Seventh-day Adventist Community.  Workshop presented at the Summit on Race Relations, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.  Silver Spring, Maryland.

Wright, R.S. (1999, June).  Children’s Evidence from a Child Protection Perspective.  Paper presented at the Atlantic Education Conference.  Digby, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R. S. (1999, May 26).  Measure true value [Letter to the Editor]. Chronicle-Herald. D2 C3.

Wright, R. S. (1999, February 24).  Introduction to cultural competence.  Nova Scotia Community College – Cumberland Campus. 

Wright, R. S. (1999, January 14).  Introduction to cultural competence. Nova Scotia Community College – Cumberland Campus. 

Wright, R. S. (1998, August 20, 21).  Is there aught of culture which is eternal? Canadian Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. 

Wright, R. S. (1998, September 5).  Thorough overview of child welfare services given in recent Citizen [Letter to the editor]. The Citizen, p. 5. 

Wright, R. S. (1997, May).  The Measure of Victimization Experience and Trauma Symptomatology Among Protective Custody Inmates at Washington State Penitentiary:  Implications for Returning Persons to General Population.  Unpublished paper available from the author.

Wright, R. S. (1997, Spring).  Developing an Afrocentric perspective in social work practice through reading African literature: reflections on Ghana: the autobiography of Kwame Nkrumah.  Social Work Perspectives, 7, 33-35.

Wright, R. S. (Jan. 1997).  Pornography in Prison.  Email contribution to the Forensic Psychology discussion forum.

Wright, R. S, and Leader, T. (1997).  Prevention and treatment of addictions among North American persons of African descent: another look at the disease model.  Paper available from the authors.

Wright, R.S. (1997).  Until the first breath: limitations on pre-natal child protection intervention.  Unpublished manuscript available from the author.

Wright, R. S. (1996, Fall).  Developing Cultural Competence:  The Need for Enhanced Knowledge, Values and Skills in an Increasingly Diverse America.  Unpublished paper available from the author.

Wright, R. S. (1995, Winter).  The issue of non-sexual dual relationships frequent ethical concern [Letter to the editor]. The Social Worker, 64, 152.

Wright, R. S. (1994, December 17).  Concerted response (to cultural pain) [Letter to the editor]. Chronicle Herald/Mail Star, B4.

Wright, R.S. (1994, February 16).  Understanding the Myth of Sameness. Presentation made to Teacher, Counselors and Social Workers, Halifax District School Board.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (1993, October).  Counseling Culturally Different Students.  Presentation made at the Nova Scotia School Counselors Association Annual Conference.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.