Robert S. Wright, MSW, RSW

Consultant and Therapist

This section of my website includes descriptions of my published and unpublished writings as well as speeches, lectures, workshops and trainings that I have delivered.  This is not an exhaustive list, but I am working to document here more of the work that I have done over the years.  I have also been working to upload texts, power point presentations and videos as they become available.  For the text and/or abstract of any of the materials which are not accessible directly from this site, please contact me by email. 


Writings, Speeches, Workshops, and Training (2006-2011)

Wright, R. S. (2011).  Cultural Competence for NSBS Employees.  A workshop presented to staff of the Nova Scotia Barrister's Society.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R. S. (2011).  Educating African Nova Scotian Males:  A Call to Action.  Presentation made during a panel discussion organized as part of Empowering African Nova Scotian Males:  An Education Summit.  Council on African Canadian Education.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R. S. (2011).  Keeping Sane as an African Canadian Working in White Institutions:  Tips for Surviving in Hostile Environments.  Presented to students of the Indigenous Black and Mi'kmaq programme at the Schulich School of Law.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R. S. (2011).  Aspiring to Cultural Competence: The Why, What and How for Lawyers (Remix for Orientation to Law).  Presented at Dalhousie University’s Orientation to Law Class, September 19, 2011.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R. S. (April, 2011).  Status updates, tweets, texting (& Sexting?!): ethical interdisciplinary practice in the cyber age.  Presentation delivered at VG Auditorium, hosted by the QEII Health Sciences Centre Social Workers.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R. S. (February, 2011).  Working with African Nova Scotians in Correctional Settings:  Social and Cultural Aspects of Addiction, Crime and Rehabilitation.  Presented to staff of the Nova Scotia District for Correctional Service of Canada.


Wright, R.S. (November, 2010).  Being Black and out: a biographical reflection.  Paper presented at BlackOut!, a panel discussion organized by the Nova Scotia Advisory Commission on AIDS.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
(A news report and full audio recording of this event is available from the Halifax Media Coop.  I hope to have the full text of my presentation typed and uploaded in the near future.)

Wright, R.S. (November 18, 2010).  Cultural competence training.  Presented at the Correctional Programme Officer Conference.  Memramcook, N.B. (Presentation outline)

Wright, R. S. (October, 2010).  Parenting Capacity Assessment in the Nova Scotia Context.  Guest lecture presented to the undergraduate child welfare class, Dalhousie School of Social Work.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R. S. (October, 2010).  Poverty: personal, structural, political.  Invited presentation at Building Wellbeing and Prosperity Together: Taking Action on Poverty Conference.  Truro, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (September 28, 2010).  Diversity and Inclusion: Important and Difficult.  Comments made at the IWK Diversity and Inclusion Community Forum.  Halifax, N.S.

Wright, R.S. (September, 2010).  The Health of African Nova Scotians:  Social and Cultural Aspects of Addictions.  Presented during Capital District Health Authority's Diversity Week Celebrations.  Halifax, NS.

Wright, R. S. (June, 2010).  Aspiring to Cultural Competence:  The Why, What and How for Lawyers.  Presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Nova Scotia Barristers' Society.  Digby, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R. S. (April, 2010).  Cultural Competence: Working Definitions and Considerations.  Presentation made at the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Workforce Development's Adjudicative Boards' Conference 2010.  Held at the Westin Hotel.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (February, 2010).  Why the Health and Success of African Nova Scotian Youth is Critical to the Future of Nova Scotia and What You Should do About it.  Paper presented at the 2nd Annual Conference:  The Greatness of You.  Held at the North Preston Recreation Centre.  North Preston, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R. S. (2010).  Working with Sexually Reactive Children/ Children  with Sexual Behaviour Problems.  Workshop regularly presented to students of the Child and Youth Studies Programme at CompuCollege.  Halifax, Nova Scotia. (Corresponding PPT)

Wright, R. S. (2010).  Keeping Sane as an African Canadian Working in White Institutions.  Unpublished monograph.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R. S. (2009, September 24).  Strategies for engaging Black youth.  Presented at the 2009 International Association of Black Social Workers Conference: Linking Borders.  Dartmouth, N.S.

Wright, R. S. (2009, March 25).  Linking Literacy, Crime, Health and Injury Among Children and Youth.  Presented at the Literacy and Our Community:  Building Stronger, Healthier Communities workshop.  St. Lawrence College.  Brockville, Ontario. 

Wright, R. S. (2009, January 23).  Cultural Competence:  Working Definition and Considerations.  Presented at an inservice sponsored by the Atlantic Conference of Independent Schools.  Halifax, Nova Scotia. (A video of this material is available on Youtube by following this link)

Wright, R. S. (2008, September).  Revisioning the Role of Alcohol in our Culture.  Closing remarks provided at the 2008 FASD Forum.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R. S. (2008, August 21).  If You Can Read This . . . : Linking Literacy, Crime, Health and Injury Among Children and Youth.  Presented at the Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy and Safe Communities.  University of Prince Edward Island.  Charlettown, Prince Edward Island.

Wright, R. S. (2008, March 4).  Judicial Appointments Some Considerations for Applicants of African Descent.  Unpublished paper available from the author.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (2008 February 14).  Practicing a Spirituality of Hope: Empowering the Disabled - The Minister as Enabler.  Presented as part of the Simpson-Term at Acadia Divinity College.  Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (2008 February 15).  Horizontal Government. Presented to the Senior Policy Executive Forum, Treasury and Policy Board.  Halifax, Nova Scotia

Wright, R.S. (2008 January 22).  Parenting Capacity Workshop. Given to parents of Halifax Regional Municipality.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (2008 January 15-18).  Parenting Capacity Workshop. Given to parents (30 participants) residing in Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Wright, R.S. (2007).  The Royal Love Song. Connection. The Journal of Seventh-day Adventist Kingship International Inc. 31(4). 10, 11 (under the pen name Joseph Alexander).

Wright, R.S. (2007 November 23).  This Thing Called Community. Presented to the Halifax Regional Municipality Volunteer Conference, Holiday Inn.  Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (2007, November 20).  Assessing Parenting Capacity.  Presented as part of Child Protection Services CORE II Training Program.  Family and Community Supports, Department of Community Services, Province of Nova Scotia.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (2007, November 16).  Helping Kids be Healthy and Good: the need for Collaboration. Presented to the Mayor’s Roundtable on Violence and Public Safety. Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (2007, October 25-26).  Collaboration: Cultural Community and Systems Consideration. Presented at the Hong Fook Mental Health Association 25th Anniversary Conference, University of Toronto, Residence Conference Centre, 89 Chestnut Street.  Toronto, Ontario

Wright, R. S. (2007, October 23).  Assessment and treatment of African Nova Scotians:  Implications of cultural difference, racial identity, cultural pain and other factors.  Presented at Counseling & Treating People of Colour:  An International Perspective.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (2007, October 11).  Everything you Wanted to Know about Cultural Diversity but Were Afraid to Ask.  Presented to the North End Community Health Centre.  Halifax, Nova Scotia

Wright, R. S. (2007, April 27).  When Race Matters in the Treatment of Mental Illness in Indigenous Blacks in Nova Scotia.  Presented at The Nova Scotia Hospital's Academic Day XVIII.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (2007, March 23).  The Ins and Outs of Collaboration. Presented at the Nova Scotia Criminal Justice Association Annual Conference: Lessons from Nunn: A Collaborative Course.  Halifax, N.S.

Wright, R.S. (2007, June 8).  Runaways, truants and the knuckleheads who harbour them:  eco-structural interventions with difficult teens.  Presented at the Newfound Land Association of Social Workers Conference and AGM.  St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Wright, R.S. (2007, Jan. 27, March 24).  Moving from anger to accountability. Presented at the Council on African Canadian Education’s 4th Bi-Annual African Nova Scotian Education Summit: A Parent Summit: Parenting Effective Education. 

Bellemare, S. & Wright, R.S. (2007, Nov. 29).  Drug Endangered Children. Presented at Pediatric Grand Rounds, IWK Health Centre.

Wright, R.S. (2006, May 26).  Being the One.  Paper presented at the 2006 Convocation of the Institute for Human Services Education.  Truro, Nova Scotia

Wright, R.S. (2006, Mar. 22).  Dual Relationships: Examples of the Limitations of Ethical Proscription. Presented at Dalhousie School of Social Work, Agency Field Instructors Workshop. Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R. S. (2006, April 26).  Cumberland Collaborates!  Workshop led at the Dr. Carson & Marion Murray Community Centre to support interagency collaboration among agencies throughout Cumberland County.  Springhill, Nova Scotia.

Wright, R.S. (2006, Feb. 27).  Engaging Difficult Youth... In the Process of Education.  Presented to staff of Sir John A MacDonald High School.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.